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Thanks to Michal Wieczorek and Bandcamp for the feature on Bandcamp Daily.


SIIIX, Vol. 1 out now

SIIIX Vol 1 Artwork 29 04 24 s RGB

The EP 'SIIIX, Vol. 1' is out now via Maloca Records. It features tracks by Azu Tiwaline, upsammy, Krampfhaft, Valentina Magaletti, Hi Hats In Trees and yours truly, which have been produced in collaboration with HIIIT (fka percussion ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag).


Chuchchepati Orchestra vinyl out now

Bumblebee 01 Front RGB 240225

The album 'Flight of the Bumblebee II' by Chuchchepati Orchestra (with Patrick Kessler and Ludwig Berger) is available now via UNIT records.


Locked Grooves live snippets

Live snippets of the 'Locked Grooves' solo concert at CTM Festival 2024.


New album out now

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The album 'Hidden Tracks: Domodossola - Weissmies' is released today via Everest Records.
It's available on vinyl, compact disc, map with download code and digitally.

It can be purchased via Bandcamp.

Thanks to Johanna, Mischu, Stephan, Benedikt, Isa, Matu, Mich, Silvio, Oli, Adi.


Short film

Big thanks to Stephan Hermann for this short film about the album 'Hidden Tracks: Domodossola - Weissmies'.


Video teaser

A teaser by Stephan Hermann for the album 'Hidden Tracks: Domodossola - Weissmies', which will be released on 15th March via Everest Records.




The album RLLRLRLLRRLRLRLRLLRLRLR in collaboration with Ensemble This | Ensemble That is released today via -OUS records. The record is available here.

Graphic design by Sarah Parsons.


Album pre-order

Digital Cover domodossola weissmies web700px

The album 'Hidden Tracks: Domodossola - Weissmies' is now available for pre-order as LP, CD or digital download via Bandcamp.

The album will be released on 15th March 2024 on Everest Records.


'Time Studies' out now

MUX JS001 Dig Cover V

The album 'Time Studies' is out now. Album artwork by Anneka Beatty. The album is available as a cassette tape and digital download here.


SRF portrait

Thanks to Claudio Landolt, Alexis Amitirigala and everybody involved for this portrait via SRF.


Album pre-order 'Time Studies'

MUX001 Mockup

The album 'Time Studies' will be released on cassette tape and digitally on 1st September 2023. It will be the first release on my label MUX. The album is available for pre-order here.

Album artwork by Anneka Beatty.


Label 'MUX'

MUX Logo1 pos V

I'm happy to announce my new little label 'MUX': This label is a place for musical experiments, unfinished works, demos and rough ideas. The recordings will mainly be released on cassette or digitally.

Label logo and artworks by Anneka Beatty.


Album pre-order

A1488205917 10

The album RLLRLRLLRRLRLRLRLLRLRLR by Ensemble This | Ensemble That and yours truly will be released in November 2023 on -OUS records. The album is available for pre-order here.

Album artwork by Sarah Parsons.


12 beats per hour

12 beats per hour - one beat every 5 minutes.

This is how I recorded this drumbeat. Every five minutes I was doing one hit on the drumset.

Finally, these single hits were cut together to 75bpm (beats per minute), which lets the day pass by within a few bars. A time-lapse beat, so to speak.


Cully Jazz Festival - La Balade Musicale

Bildschirmfoto 2023 04 17 um 15 59 36

I'm really happy to have contributed a piece for 'La Balade Musicale' for the Cully Jazz Festival.
Thanks to Cully Jazz Festival for the invitation.


Becoming Giulia

Poster Offsetdruck GIULIA 1000x700mm DE scaled

The movie Becoming Giulia by Laura Kaehr is in cinemas now. Music by Mara Micciché, Balz Bachmann and yours truly.


New album: Julius Amber - Close Up

022 juliusamber 1

The first album 'Close Up' of Julius Amber (duet with Elio Amberg) is out now via Veto Records and available on vinyl and digital.


Audio/video work at the exhibition 'Mise en Scène'

230217 Mise on Scène 116

A new audio/video work is showed at Schule für Gestaltung Bern from 17th February to 31st March 2023. Filmed by Andreas Pfiffner, sound recorded by Balthasar Jucker, comissioned by SfGBB.


December Calendar

Bildschirmfoto 2022 12 18 um 11 48 38

A short track by yours truly for Evelinn Trouble's and Blaublau Record's Advent Calendar 2022. Thanks for the invitation!


Musikpreis der Stadt Thun


It is a great honor for me to receive the 2022 Music Award of the City of Thun. Thank you so much!!


10 hours 'Locked Groove' video

The beats on the album 'Locked Grooves' are cut as endless grooves in vinyl and can therefore run indefinitely.
For this reason, it appealed to me to play one of these rhythms over a whole day on the drums and thus exploit possible lengths of digital formats.

I played the beat on March 18, 2022 from 6:40am (sunrise) to 6:40pm (sunset), with a few breaks. The breaks were shortened to 1-2 minutes for the video.
The result is a 10 hour video.


Bonn Route

OUS040 Feldermelder Julian Sartorius Bonn Route 008

The album 'Bonn Route' by Feldermelder and yours truly is out now on OUS-. Available here.


L'art du silence

ADS Plakat A3 CH D

The movie L'ART DU SILENCE by Maurizius Staerkle Drux is in cinemas now. Music by Nils Frahm, Maurizius Staerkle Drux and yours truly.



Image0 2

The first album of 'Baumschule' (with Raphael Loher and Manuel Troller) is out now on three:four records.



Videoclip for 'Parliwu'.

Performance by Giulin Stäubli, video by yours truly.

'Parliwu' is taken from the album 'Mux'.



Myselfs playing a snippet of 'Treissi' from the album 'Mux'.


'Mux' is out now!

IMG 1153

My new album 'Mux' is available now via Marionette label. Available as vinyl and digital album here.


Soul of a beast


The movie SOUL OF A BEAST by Lorenz Merz is in cinemas now. Music by Fatima Dunn, Lorenz Merz and yours truly.


Matthew Herbert & Julian Sartorius: Drum Solo

AC173 D ARTWORK Drum Solo 2022 0 2

The album 'Drum Solo' got released today on Accidental records.

Listen to it here.


New solo album 'MUX'

My new album 'MUX' will be released on Marionette records on 28 April 2022.
starts today.
Video: Snippet of the track 'Rollgadi'.


Schweizer Filmpreis 2022 award

Whats App Image 2022 03 26 at 12 06 57

Thanks to Schweizer Filmpreis for the award for the best filmscore 2022 for the movie 'Soul Of A Beast' by Lorenz Merz (score by Fatima Dunn, Lorenz Merz and yours truly).


On tour with ET|ET

We'll be playing the piece RLLRLRLLRRLRLRLRLLRLRLR live. Tour dates here.


'Locked Grooves' live snippets

Snippets from the 'Locked Grooves' solo concert at Dampfzentrale Bern, July 2021. Filmed by Stephan Hermann.


Julius Amber - Unterwater concert snippet

A snippet of the unterwater concert with Elio Amberg at Rotsee Lucerne.. thanks to Forum Neue Musik Luzern.


'Locked Grooves' repress available now

OUS035 Julian Sartorius MOCKUP

More copies of the album 'Locked Grooves' are available now.


Last days of the exhibtion 'Des Choses'

Vignette site scaled 1

The exhibition 'Des Choses' - for which I did the music - at Lathenium in Neuchâtel ends soon.


Composition for Eklekto

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Thanks to Eklekto for the invitation to create a site-specific piece for four percussionists who will play in four different rooms.

The composition will be performed on 27th and 28th November 2021 at Villa Bernasconi in Geneva (CH).


Track for Belvédère Sonore


I've recorded one track for the project Belvédère Sonore in Geneva.

The track is made for the sculpture 'Ouverture sur rencontre' by Manuel Torres.

All the sounds for the track have been created with the sculpture itself.


New album ‚Locked Grooves‘

My new album 'Locked Grooves' is released on -OUS records.

The album contains 112 loops, cut as endless grooves on vinyl.

Cover by Sarah Parsons.

Vinyl and digital version available here.


Sound / video installation at Klang Moor Schopfe

21 3097 Verein Klang Moor Schopfe

I'll be realizing a new video / sound installation for Klang Moor Schopfe in Gais AR (CH). It takes place from 2nd to 12th September 2021.
In addition to the installation, I'll be performing two 'Hidden Tracks' soundwalks on the 8th of September 2021.


Beat Fantasies Vol. 1

Cover btfntss 1

The first 50 beats of the 'Beat Fantasies' project are available as an album via Bandcamp subscription.


Morphblog video

The video is an animation of the entire Morphblog project – around 2415 pictures and audioloops put together in a chronological order. Every 8-seconds-audioloop is only played once in this video – creating an entire piece of music of a duration of more than 5 hours.


Beat Diary 2021 on Patreon

A3083789232 16

Exactly ten years after my album 'Beat Diary' I'm recording a continuation of the project: You can follow it on Patreon, where I'll release a beat everyday.


Music for 'Nacht'

A short film by Thomas Stöckli for which I did the music.


Beat Fantasies

Cover bc btfntss

I'm starting a new project called 'Beat Fantasies'. Each month I'll release 4-6 beat tracks which I've recorded on tape.

The tracks will be available via Bandcamp subscription.

Artwork by Anneka Beatty.