'Hidden Tracks' soundwalks


Julian Sartorius - 'Hidden Tracks' soundwalks

What do our surroundings sound like? This is exactly what Julian Sartorius shows with his 'Hidden Tracks' soundwalks. Visitors follow the internationally renowned percussionist on these soundwalks. They see how he elicits sounds from a wide variety of objects and natural elements - and hear them in every detail thanks to headphones. 'Hidden Tracks' are unique tours that sharpen our senses. Because every place that Julian Sartorius guides us through with his drumsticks sounds different - and unique.

The 'Hidden Tracks' sound walks are a live realisation of the album series of the same name, for which Sartorius hiked from Basel to Geneva and from Domodossola to the summit of the Weissmies. With the objects he encountered on his way, he expanded our ideas of a percussion instrument. He now continues along these paths and awakens the sounds that lie dormant in all things.